How to see a Broadway show in New York on a budget

Are planning a quick trip to New York? Want to visit some performances on Broadway and still stay on budget? Here are some great tips to take you to New York, where you will be able to see some performances without spending a fortune.

Get to New York

Trying to decide which airport to choose a flight? Instead of flying directly to New York, consider flights to Newark, New Jersey. Why? NJ Transit train takes you directly from the airport to Newark Penn Station in New York City in 30 minutes for $ 13.00 one way. It is much cheaper and faster than trying to catch a taxi from one of the airports in New York to Manhattan.

Exit the train at Penn Station in New York. As long as you're back at the station, buy a 7-day unlimited subway. Map of US $ 31.00 and you can use it to read the city in the last 7 days of stay. This is useful if you plan your sightseeing itinerary.

Head over to Times Square

When you leave Penn Station, return to Times Square and see all the performances, which are carried out while you are in town. If you stand in the middle of Times Square, look at all the billboards. There are performances on Broadway, and Broadway. There are so many to choose from!

Looking around, you will notice a "red stairs" on Broadway and 47th in the TKTS office. It opens at 15:00 every day except Tuesday, when it opens an hour earlier at 14:00. How do you know that you found it? Look at the hundreds of people who line up to buy theater tickets and 50% discount. What a deal! At the ticket window, you will see which groups they sell tickets and ticket prices. Are you ready to go to the place and take a ticket for today's performance? These lines move quickly, but expect that they will be in line for about an hour. Do you want to spend an hour each day of rest, standing in line?

Use metrakart and nakiruytsesya in Times Square

Perhaps the best way. These tickets are sold and in two other places:

South Street seaport
Angle Front and John streets

Brooklyn center
1 Center MetroTech, street corner and Jay waterfront Mierlo Avenue

Usually these places are open 4 hours prior to the ticket booth in Times Square. Both are open at 11:00 am every morning, except for the places in Brooklyn, which are closed on Sunday and Monday each week. Getting tickets to one of the other places allow you to choose the best place for this night since they opened earlier than in Times Square. The best part, as a rule, you can go to the window without a long wait!

Use metrakart to leave the city in one of the other places. I would recommend to buy tickets in Brooklyn one day, where you can stay for lunch and try the pizza. After lunch, think about a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Views of the city are walking! Time to go, get your tickets and enjoy the show!