Sales of tickets for Brussels Airlines increased by the introduction of self-service baggage export mechanism

Brussels Airlines – is the Belgian airline that connects the capital of Belgium with more than 60 destinations in the US, Africa and Europe. In addition to these areas, the carrier and its intercontinental partners work in a number of places in India, China, Thailand, Canada and the Middle East. Among the number of reference points, achieved by the company, was a significant and direct transatlantic flight to New York. With around 300 flights daily and nearly 3,500 employees, the airline operates a fleet of 43 aircraft. this carrier's success is due to its punctuality and premium services in flight, who have satisfied thousands of its customers around the world. Thanks to international recognition, in 2009, he also became part of the Star Alliance, which is a & # 39; is the largest airline alliance in the world. This partnership enables the global leader in the aviation industry have their codes on the status of Brussels Airlines flight, which helps them to expand their network and address the growing number of passengers.

Less time is consumed during registration

One of the main issues for the travelers at the airport is check luggage and storage process. At the entrance, passengers must check your luggage and label, which takes time. To eliminate unnecessary hake during this procedure the Belgian airline has initiated reasonable service. Passengers holding a valid shuttle flight Brussels Airlines can use the drop-off means luggage at the airport of Brussels. departure lounge at the airport has six outlets, where travelers are allowed to self-check their luggage and label them at once. There is no doubt about that & # 39; the object is a great help, because it requires less time for review.

Reduction in long queues

This carrier, which is always looking for ways to improve the experience of passengers on its flights, has launched an online registration for some time ago. Passengers can also use this tool when registering using applications installed on their smartphones. Regardless of these technological advances, the leaflets had to wait in long queues to deposit their luggage. However, with the help of a new system of travelers flying to European destinations, can simultaneously carry out this process at the time of registration. As a result, you can avoid the long queues around the shelves. After starting the system the time required for this process, reduced by a significant amount.

This method, developed by the Dutch company Type22, is simple to use and advocacy attacks. Belgian airline implements the innovation under the ensign Scan and Fly. Once this process has started to work, there was a significant reduction in the time required for the registration process. Thus, the passengers made it easier to stick to the schedule of flights Brussels Airlines, which, as you know, supports punctual route all of its flights. Repeated introduction of such technical developments this Belgian airline steadily increases the flow of passengers in his plane.