Five tips for finding the best hotel prices

Getting the maximum load on the road money is more important than ever, but while the 2009 might have been a year of sales in the throes of tariffs for hotels in 2010, probably, won, and will not be as inexpensive. It & # 39; because, according to a recent report on the trust Road from Travelocity, travelers & # 39; for travel plans and relationships are on the rise – and many hotels simply cease to reduce tariffs and a record low. However, great deals on hotels still there – you just need to know where – and how – to look for them. To start planning a trip, follow these simple tips:

• Go straight to the source. Many hotel companies offer the best prices for hotels – with a guarantee – those who book on its website. For example, Marriott offers a "guaranteed not to further assured attitude" – basically states that if within 24 hours after the order number you find a lower rate for the same dates, hotel and room, the company will match this rate. – and give you an additional 25 percent. (Rules and restrictions.)
• Be flexible. Every traveler knows about hotel rates in the season and on weekdays versus weekends, so be aware of those who are planning a trip. You just be able to save on some of the hottest hotels in the city, where you will once again change the date of travel.
• Financial District. If you go on the weekend, check out the hotels in the financial district of your destination. Betting on hotels in these neighborhoods are often reduced during the weekend, but also in many cities & # 39; The financial districts are relatively close to the hottest spots in the city.
• Stay in the boom cities. Over the past few years, many cities have added a lot of hotel rooms – this means that if you go, say, Las Vegas, Phoenix, or even in New York, you can find there is a better deal than you would if you went to smaller town with fewer hotel rooms.
• If you are planning a romantic getaway or traveling with someone special, many hotels only offer travel packages with unique amenities such as vouchers that you can use on spa treatments, fine dining and golf. And if you still want to take advantage of these benefits – these packages can really help you save.