Cross the bridge of spies

Approaching the crescent of the Cold War, the two world superpowers exchanged a few spies on the bridge in Berlin, which separated East from West. Date held February 10, 1962 Recently, the outside & # 39; e has evolved from a snow in a cloudy, symbolic temporary thaw in relations between the United States and the Soviet Union, which would allow them to make the gesture, before descending into the boiling water & # 39; yatstva that it was nuclear. the arms race.

At that time, according to the author Zhylsa Uittela two ideological enemies had only ten nuclear warheads ICD. Before thirty years the Cold War ended, they had tens of thousands. Seemingly Ayzenhavera warning about the military-industrial complex has been ignored. It was during this period of time "bridge of spies" covers that we see that the main ground was laid for the war, which, fortunately, will never become a reality. With it fought in the shadows. Giles skillfully adsloyvae layers Crafty domes to shed light on fears that each side were.

Exit left at the scene, William Fisher, a spy rather curious pedigree from Russia. he drove from Germany to Canada passenger liner in Quebec at one of the many alleged names. Date November 1948. Tips sur & # 39; ozna behind nuclear technology and, starting from the time of Los Alamos and the Manhattan Project, frantically spying on Americans to not catch up. Fischer's task – to recruit and establish a network of spies throughout the United States, as the last group of Russian spies (Klaus Fuchs and shot Rozenbergs) was discovered and sent. William Fisher – cool spy. It is mainly engaged in the creation of deep secret cover and preservation of this coverage at any price. He does very little actual espionage for years. He seems pretty comfortable to maintain the cover artist in New York, who retired after photos of craftsmanship in the finishing. The author draws attention to the fact that, since nobody did more than half of zvyshkvili in the photo, his cover was to be suspicious at first glance.

It reminds me of two Nazi spies who landed on a submarine in the Gaspe, Quebec during the Second World War. They lasted all of about fifteen minutes. They broke into a small hotel in the middle of nowhere to ask for a room. Paying for a long time outdated currency, they came to the room to get needed rest. The clerk could not imagine how these two profit "business travelers". As they say, they really pulled their suitcases from a neighboring village, as they came on foot and push diesel fuel? She immediately called the Hill. William Fisher had similarly recognize our neighbors, whom he behaved contradictory stories about his past, but they nonchalantly recorded it on what is commonly done by people who invent himself a man without the achievements of their scheming to make an impression on others. Regardless of the fact that he was obviously their false many conflicting stories, he was well received, and he shared their deep interest in art. His only contact in America, which he cultivated on barren soil, was the Rhine Hayhanen, a supporter of the military and supporters of the problem of wet roads, if the ban was discussed.

Exit onto the stage to the right, Francis Gary Powers, pilot of a young Air Force pilot, which refers to the CIA reconnaissance missions over Soviet airspace. At this point, the US Strategic Command operates bombers, big bombers constantly pilatuyutstsa and ready to fly over the North Pole to deliver a nuclear bomb on a hypothetical Russian purposes. The Russians will soon meet the nuclear bomb technology and ahead of ballistic missiles that can cross continents in a few minutes. America is in a panic and desperately needs to know how many missiles there are and where they are. USA developed a U2 aircraft that can fly at 70,000 feet, well above the ability of Russian fighter perahoplivatstsa. They need the best pilots of the country to fly on long missions over enemy territory, photograph rocket launchers. For various reasons, we can not ask the CIA to develop a network of spies in the Soviet Union. It is the only open the way for them, and probably the most reliable.

Powers, who comes from a very humble state of Virginia, proposed to initiate thirty thousand dollars for the flight by the CIA. Anyone who knows the US will recognize the craving for many Americans in the wrong line of genealogy. In today's money, that would be equivalent to about half a million per annum. The work consists mainly of training missions. Each incursion into enemy airspace should be approved by the president, so little of the Russian flights. Real enemy becomes longing and insidious mind threatening to women who can not accompany them to the remote airbase in Turkey, Iran and Pakistan.

Another key character in this drama – it is not alive, so to speak, U2. Uittel masterfully describes the development of the aircraft required for the flight over perahopnymi Russian MiGs. Of course, the reader needs basic knowledge of aviation, but the author opens the door for readers to trade schools. He explains why the plane was legible to fly at these altitudes, why U2 have a low control air air, why the engine must be incredibly powerful to keep him at a distance of a step from orbit, why the range between the stall speed and excessive acceleration on these heights demanded that the aircraft normally fly autopilot, and is therefore not expected that the survival of the pilot seventy thousand feet will survive. Pop parachute at a height, and the human body, which is contained under the pressure of an inflatable elastic suit was to explode due to the expansion of gases in the blood and flesh. In the time trials open the skin did not fall under the suit, as the aircraft reached a great height. Imagine an astronaut without his costume plays in space. The result is an instant red and brown poopnado . It is impossible to U2 pilots were unable to provide such images, but it is more likely that they have suppressed them, allowing their subconscious to create all the widespread fear of their existence, may cause the death of numerous rope walker.

The canvas, which takes place this drama, is also drawn to perfection. Giles implicitly tells the story of two powerful and great rivals, who are trying to hit each other filmed demonstrations of thermonuclear explosions in the open air, which serve as a warning about the power of mushrooms 100 Megaton and about the danger of open war between two hostile giants. Uittel occupies a separate perspective needed to understand the stupidity of mankind and that, as far as we are close to the pitch & # 39; yatskaga act of self-immolation. Having contributed to Sergei Khrushchev, son of the former secretary general, is priceless. Having passed away 50 years, and therefore the same background.

In this paper we look at the current political system: the Soviet Union led by dogmatic social engineers who are willing to sacrifice thousands in the Gulag to form human behavior as a sign of acceptance of the concept of self-sacrifice for the greater good of the state. Imagine, if you will, a farmer who is engaged in this experiment with brazen personality and intellect inappropriate Russian Donald Trump, showing a tendency to take off their shoes at the UN and banging their desk as the highest virtue of its articulation. Peasant leader argues that the Soviet Union produces ICBMs like sausages, and will bury US. Take a look at the map of the Soviet Union. You can put three full US in its territory. To prove or disprove, the Soviet Union created pads, ready to destroy the United States at the time, and it would be a difficult task, so aggressive Khrushchev must take his words. Hence the need for more flights.

The second side – it is, in fact, the class system, which is controlled by the winners of the lottery in the struggle for capitalist power. Their leader, John F. Kennedy was a representative of one of the more successful morally ambiguous income. John F. Kennedy joked that his father asked him how many votes you need to win the elections in 1960, because he was too cheap to pay for a landslide. It is also important that the American proletariat all want to play a game with the chance to become unprofitable bourgeoisie. Seductive mirage of prosperity, freedom of choice to jump or not to jump on the training round are most important. This right is protected even as Gary Powers, will defend to the death, even if it means the destruction of the planet. America – the industrial giant after World War II, as an ordinary citizen is much better due to the free flow of capital and the credit system. They will protect it, even if it means a warning strike.

Oddly enough, it will require the world's largest communist state to prove fifty years later, that the capitalist system sometimes works best. However, while the US system was losing influence in the world. It looked very bleak for free enterprise; China, Cuba, Greece, North Korea, Indochina, Malaysia, almost all of Eastern Europe, and many others fell under the influence of the Communists; Thus, a desperate need to catch up with the amount of ICBM. The Cold War was very real nuclear tube is ready to fire.

Fischer, a Soviet spy, captured, convicted and sent to prison in Atlanta. Powers, shot down over Russia, are also in prison. & # 39; Bridge of Spies & # 39; related details and conditions of the exchange in Berlin immediately after the construction of the Iron Curtain.

I'll let the author Zhylsa Uittelu take it away, because it can make it much better than I ever could. Uittel writes with professional skill adryvanaga journalist, twisting several strands together over time to create a rich and very relevant story with an omniscient point of view. In my opinion, the work is extremely well studied and entered the history of many of the players, such as men who piloted missile sites, which brought the authority & # 39; U2 descends 1,500 miles into Soviet airspace. Collecting such detailed and accurate information on several continents and fifty years, so the feat of Hercules size for even the best writer. I tilted his hat to his superior skill to go deep into the muddy depths of the past.

Now that I have caused your interest in the topic and the skill of the author, I have to offer nuances. Napoleon totally wrong attitude to England; it is not inhabited exclusively shops. It would seem that the two types – either extremely gifted artists or scientists. Like many English writers of science fiction writers, with Giles & # 39; is a member of the first group, which seeks to another. If I say that the author – a scientist, it's the kiss of death in his work, as far as the pleasure of reading. Zhylz several times comes dangerously close, breaking the line and quickly bouncing back to do the job interesting and move on.

Among scientists there is a temptation, when open the perfect knowledge of the subject, and full ownership of the facts, to give way. One such error with & # 39 is the transmission links in – "There I was in Swaziland, faced with thousands of armed and half-mad unruly natives, but it's all in the future, first let me tell you about my swift maneuver youth and the fact that.. It made me join the Queen's own rifle as a surgeon's number one. "Zhylz makes this opening chapter, presenting a minor character in the scene on the bridge, a forgotten quickly. He refers to it at the end of almost two hundred and sixty pages later, but my memory is not able to accommodate her.

Another thing is that academics love to do – is to clutter up their work by numerous actual parties who create for the reader, who is in charge. In just a few pages it becomes quite clear that Giles is fluent in English and one of the elite schools, and all this does not read a book jacket. Giles has a subconscious habit to adjust its power to the reader by means of diction and didactic pedantry, intellectual snobbery, transferred to him when he received his diploma. Why did the author make it, at the risk of sabotaging your own job, not outside of me. Its powers are professional journalists and editors, too, probably overwhelmed him correctors, not allowing them to comment on another stylistic mistake that most irritates the reader quickly moving historical drama. He often makes references or conclusions for someone or something at the end of the small passage that is so oblique passage should be re-read to understand. For example, at first he can talk about the airplane that can break through the bar & # 39; er for seventy thousand feet and then can discuss the program for the creation of this aircraft, and, finally, it will link to any conclusion about the & # 39; I do not know how many times I had to re-read the passage to find out which one & # 39; It meant. The last thing that I liked was the introduction into the crowd of faceless characters. We get to know a lot of Berlisa, Donovan, Drozdov, mechanical, Silverman, Sudoplatov Background Brukersa and others that their importance is a distant memory. Since Giles have created a list of characters in the preface, he considers it unnecessary to run a memory with a soft reminder. Forget, who is she? Go look, the spirit. Just the name of the cast as the & # 39; Personae Dramatis & # 39; I was supposed to be a hint of his lofty academic trends, but I digress. Giles, in general, I gave you a B plus for your work, but if you want to get a higher score on the next job, I'll be waiting on you at pedantyki in the future, young man.

All frugality aside, & # 39; Bridge of Spies & # 39; it is more than a good read regarding the understanding of who we are, and more importantly, the exact history of the time when the nuclear holocaust was a very real possibility for people of my generation. I remember the days of air raids sirens on telephone poles in rural districts and training sessions while in school, to flex and ride at their desks. If I remember anything about my early youth, I have to get ready and face the extinction of nuclear power in the age of eight. Zhyls Uittel copes on his return to the era of life.