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The effect of the captured audience

Have you ever paid $ 40 for the rental of a 10-kilometer carpet worth $ 10? How about $ 100 for a folding table or $ 50 for a chair? Hotels and convention centers know that most people pay a high price. The same pricing philosophy applies to rent technologies like projectors and plasma flat panel displays. Hotels and convention centers have a & # 39; captured audience & # 39; and can charge higher prices.

Internal company AV Service Company

Hotels and convention centers often have a "proprietary company for AV service." They charge rate, considerably exceeding the rates that are charged by Travel Travel Agent. this speed can often be 50% higher! You pay for the convenience of hotel services or convention. Warning, do not depend on the hotel to have the necessary equipment. It often happens that the proper equipment is less than optimal maintenance. This is because the hotel does not have a computer & # 39; a computer store, which could be stored and adjust the right equipment.

Technical travel agents to work for you

Rental Industry Technical travel agents fussy! If things are not perfect, they get fast results. They have a reputation for the best research technicians, installers and engineers for their work. They know the technicians who did the best job in Las Vegas, Chicago, New York and Davenport! Since we work & # 39; BOB & # 39 ;, Tech Travel Agents are constantly praised by satisfied customers renting technologies. Technical travel agents do you it is very easy.

Rental prices depend on the technology supply and demand

The market price for the rental of computer & # 39; your computer, projector rentals and plasma rent varies from day to day, in place. Prices are rising and down depending on supply and demand law. Tech Travel Agents asking rental for USA and Canada, hardware stores, to get the highest possible rates for the rental of the dates specified in the request for quotations.

An example of supply and demand: If the city has several large conferences and conferences, the demand for equipment rental auditorium, for example, with a flat plasma display panel increases, and prices are rising. If the market area with a & # 39; exit to the market conventions slightly, increasing supply, and prices are falling.

Equipment rental equipment Tech Travel Agent

If you need to rent a 4-processor server, wireless access point, a copy machine with lots of & # 39 volume Lavilier wireless microphone and a 60-inch flat panel display, you can count on Tech Travel Agents, to find all! No other service combines not a national talent with such a broad line of rolled products.

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