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Armenian Sites

Regarding flying in Armenia, contact Dan Retz with questions at .

The landscape and weather of the Armenian Highlands provide endless possibilities for anybody interested in paragliding. Long, dry summers produce great thermal flying conditions with the opportunity to stay in the air for hours.

Arrive at launch as you wish. Some sites offer long hiking approaches to a remote summit while other sites offer take-off points that can be reached via a short walk or even 4-wd vehicle. Most sites are free of trees providing launching sites in most directions as well as large LZs in grassy fields.

Many popular flying sites can be found within 30 minutes of Yerevan, the capital city. The number of local pilots, both Armenian and ex-pats are approximately 25-30. A local club operates a school for new pilots, with the opportunity to rent gear.

The following is a list of seven flying sites that Dan Retz has personally flown and explored. The opportunities for additional sites are almost endless.

Mt Ararat is not described, yet. While technically in Turkey, this cultural landmark for Armenians has been flown by a paraglider pilot a few years ago.




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