Hotels North America

North American hotels have some of the best conditions to ensure a pleasant stay. Regardless of whether you are traveling for business, leisure or just fun, you find the hotel that is suitable for your requirements. A large number of people moving to different countries and cities, which are located in North America, and so many hotels have come to please them. In fact, many of the leading network of luxury hotels have also established their hotels in North America, and offers individual rooms as needed.

Marina Resorts in South America – the perfect choice for those who want to relax on the quays of the resorts. There is a number of resorts located throughout the continent where you can make a choice. Many resorts offer spacious rooms with parquet floors and bathrooms with Jacuzzi. Because they are located close to the waterfront, most of these resorts open up magnificent views of the sea and surrounding areas. You can enjoy a variety of seafood and delicious cherish receptors. Prystaninav options for the marina include:

• RIT Carlton, Marina del Rey
• The resort and marina Westin Key West & Marina
• Resort Marina Fiesta, Cabo San Lucas
• Nonant Resort, Kennebunkport

Luxury accommodation in South America there are many. Book your hotel room in advance to avoid trouble during the trip. All luxury hotels allow guests to book an accommodation on the Internet from anywhere in the world. Some of the options available to you:

• Sofitel Buenos Aires
• Sofitel Sao Paulo Ibirapuera
• Resort and Spa JW Marriott Guanacaste
• Exclusive resort Ponta dos Ganchos
• Hotel Inkaterra Macchu Picchu Pueblo

Travelers have a good choice when it comes to choosing a budget room. Breakfast and breakfast – a good option for budget accommodation. You can spend an entire day in the survey, and in the evening you can go into a comfortable bedroom; what else can you enjoy a breakfast the next morning.

Find out more about Hotels in North America, offers online information on hotels in North America. Detailed information is available on the hotel in Manhattan, New York, California and Phoenix and across North America, including information on booking and detailed information on all discounts for bookings.

Best Romantic Hotels worldwide

If you're on a romantic getaway, be sure to find the perfect hotel, and if you do not have enough budget, then the chances of landing in the perfect hotel much higher than usual. For many people, honeymoon – this is the only time they feel luxurious budget and want to have the perfect route, aimed at the entire trip. Since the proposal deals on airfare and pour the Internet and less information about finding the hotel is very confusing, here we have compiled a list of the best romantic hotels around the world that are really amazing and give nothing but the best invention that you can try. Thus, if you are not very worried about your budget and waiting for something luxurious, nastroyuchaga and joyful, then here is a list of the best romantic hotels worldwide for your reference:

1. Grits Palace, Venice, Italy

Magic and romantic city of Venice has to enter the list of travel for the wedding couple, and if you plan to visit in the near future is exciting amurbatsyya Italy, you will find the palace Grits ideal option to stay. Currently, the average cost ranging from $ 800 US per night, will give you an immersive experience of all time. On the surface of the Grand Canal to the fantastic inter & # 39; a career consisting of historical artifacts from the region's heritage, is the biggest highlight of the place. Incredible hospitality with exciting costumes – these are the key features along with a variety of & # 39 world-class facilities. So if you are planning a dreamy vacation in Venice, Palace Gritti is would be the best option for you.

2. Shangri-La Hotel Paris, France

The romantic capital of the world Paris does not require love, because the city was already in the list of stray buckets. The exciting capital of France already have an image of being dreamy and expensive in itself, but if we're talking about the best romantic hotel, Paris lifts the collective trims as necessary to choose the best of the best. Thus, the hotel Shangri-La Paris was a great place for all. Created as a private mansion in the early days. This 101-room hotel with a & # 39 is a flourishing place, which presents a classic inter & # 39; er, modern inter & # 39; er, world-class services and close proximity to the center of the sights of the Eiffel Tower. The average price of stay starts from 930 USD per night and can give you life, to keep the experience.

3. Rosewood London, London, England

Prosperous British capital of London – it's really fascinating place for everyone to provide a quality and unforgettable experience on the pairs, and before you think of any place that may be suitable for your luxury stay (except Bakingemskaga Palace), Rozud London will immediately fall into the eye . . The very appearance became attractive for tourists, but if you go into this huge hotel, you will find that forced the hotel to be listed. Show a wide range of hotel suits, such as large rooms, exquisite inter & # 39 from $ 550 per night and offer many incredible features, er, excellent hospitality and charisma mood mood, Rosewood London, will surely give you an experience you will never forget.

4. Soho Grand Hotel, New York, USA

Many do not consider New York so romantic, like many other cities, made in this article and may refuse without even trying. However, if you like to spend a dreamy time in the beautiful city of New York, the planning of your stay in the Soho Grand Hotel is an excellent catch for you. This is an incredible set of attributes and functions, such as a modern inter & # 39; er, fascinating rooms of modern style, exquisite range of restaurants and bars, and much more at a starting price and 210 per night in the US, this place is really incredible that provides proximity to major nearby attractions the city center. So, for those looking for a budget romantic holiday in the Big Apple, this place will be much more incredible.

5. The single and only Palm, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is famous worldwide for its luxurious lifestyle and royal culture which introduces luxury travelers a new level of plush experience. However, for young and romantic travelers with deep pockets, One & Only Palm – one of the most spectacular hotels in the region. Overcoming other accommodation options with its own beach, gourmet scene of the city, as well as the coasts, a flourishing range of amenities and dining and much more, One & Only Palm – is ideal for relaxing for the next couple. You can spend the most exquisite and dreamy vacation to Dubai when booking holidays in One & Only Palm with a starting price of $ 550 per night.

Determination of romantic settings differ from person to person and no matter how well you filter requirements will always be a variety of options of trucks to pick the perfect and exciting accommodation in the hotel provided budget. As romantic places are still higher than couples who are looking for these places, you have to consider how to overcome these seats in advance, to make sure to pick up your suit for a better experience and to find the ideal tourist agency for more lucrative offers and book route. .

The discovery of the capital of second chances

"Sin City," "City of Lights", "Gambling Capital of the World", "Entertainment Capital of the World," "Married Capital of the World," "Silver City" and "capital of second chances" – some of the most popular nicknames given by the most populous cities Nevada, Las Vegas.

This internationally renowned major resort city known primarily for gaming, nightlife, shopping, fine cuisine and a & # 39 is the leading commercial, cultural and financial center of Southern Nevada. Magic City Casino is famous for whole days, high spirits and endless entertainment.

Today it is one of the top three destinations in the country for business meetings and a & # 39; entrances. A global leader in the hospitality industry, today he is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The most notable factors contributing to the economy of the city – this is the game, the convention and especially tourism.

Casino Top rated

Las Vegas – the richest city in the world when it comes to casino. The city has 103 casino, and it is only legal. Some of the major –

bellagio – If you love poker, and are willing to spend sur & # 39; serious money on gambling, the Bellagio – it is the place for you. It consists of two glass-fronted high stakes – most exclusive Bobby's Room, which has the highest interest rates and limit Club Prive, where you can catch some of the popular personalities from the tournament on television.

Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino – 14,000 square foot poker rooms of Caesar's Palace – one of the largest in the city and is located in the city center, next to the PURE nightclub and a huge casino sports book.

Wynn Las Vegas – Quiet and refined atmosphere helps to concentrate, making it the ideal place for those who want to play more hours.

Encore in Vine Las Vegas – A relatively new casino compared to other established casino, Encore managed to gain a foothold among the best casinos in the city, and, despite the wealth it offers low deposits.

Casino Venetian Resort Hotel – Another promise of a place for poker enthusiasts, allows you to feel a high roller without being present.

MGM Grand Hotel & Casino – MGM poker room – it's a step down compared to other hot shots in the city, but is ideal for low-stakes players.

If you want to visit

Good out & # 39; e can be found almost throughout the year, however, we recommend a trip on a weekday, so you will be able to find a few cheap flights to Las Vegas and cheap flights in one direction to Las Vegas. You can also check out some hot deals on the search business class flights to Las Vegas.

Exploring the beautiful city

On the London and Berlin

Numerous stories, dazzling nightlife and scenic beauty – some features of the capital of England and London. London, situated on the River Thames, and a & # 39 is the most populous city in England. London – a leading global city and one of the leading financial centers of the world. It has the fifth-sixth-largest metropolitan area in the world GDP, depending on the measurements and is also considered the cultural capital of the world.

The German capital with a population of about 3.5 million people – it is the second most populous city and the seventh urban area in the European Union by population. It is a popular city for the world of culture, politics, media and science. The city is very popular for its unique festivals, diverse architecture, dazzling nightlife, contemporary art and high quality of life. Over the last decade also saw the emergence of a cosmopolitan business scene.

tourist attractions

London offers so many opportunities for sightseeing and excursions, that almost anyone can find something to savor. Some of the main attractions of the city include the British Museum, National Gallery, V & A – Victoria and Albert Museum, the Tower of London, Big Ben, the numbers of Churchill War, House of Parliament, Park James, Natural History Museum, the Wallace Collection, Hyde Park, Westminster Abbey, Borough Market , The London eye, Music hall Brick Lane, Regent and park, Camden lock Market, The Courtauld Gallery, Up to O2, The Royal Air Force Museum London, Royal Opera House, Bomber Command Memorial, Westminster and the Sky Garden.

In Berlin, you can also find a number of attractions that you might like. Some of the finest – the Reichstag building, Gate of Brandenburg (Brandenburg Tor), Berlin Philharmonic, Berlin Wall Memorial, Pergamon Museum, the Topography of Terror, Holocaust Memorial – Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, Museum Island, the German Historical Museum, Gedenkstaette Berlin-Hohenschoenhausen, Tiergarten, Potsdam & Gardens, Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin Cathedral, Friedrichstadt-Palast, Gemaldegalerie, East Side Gallery, Neues Museum, Treptower Park, Classic Remise Berlin, tears Palace, German Berlin technology Museum (Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin), Gesundbrunnen Bunker and Zoologischer Garten (Berlin Zoo) .

Best time to visit

The best time to visit London in the spring, when the temperature is mild and the city's parks green and blooming. The best time to visit Berlin – from May to September, when the climate with the & # 39 is ideal.

major airports

Heathrow Airport (LHR) Airport and Berlin Tegel (TXL) – the main commercial airports serving London and Berlin respectively.

US Hotels – Splendor Unlimited

United States, known as the "Country of Opportunities", justifies the rhetoric, especially when it comes to travel. This region of the world that has a lot of tourist destinations can boast that with & # 39 is one of the biggest attractions for traveling.

There are 50 individual states, which correspond to the size and population of various European countries. Many major cities and towns of America to form a fantastic combination of a great expansion of farmland, forests, deserts and mountains. With climates from tropical to arctic, this part of the world has four different seasons. US – the third most populous country in the world. And, obviously, with so many highly developed tourist areas of the United States noted hospitality, unsurpassed amenities, diverse population and varied lifestyle. US Hotels always leave a good impression on you about where you are in the United States. They offer excellent facilities at an affordable price to the public.

Every corner of the United States has a lot of worth visiting destinations such as New York on the East Coast. New York is known as a unique rastavalny pot of cultures and is famous skyline. Boston is known as "the town of Bin". Philadelphia – an important political and cultural center of the American Revolution. You will find numerous museums in the capital, Washington, Atlanta – also one of the cities that saw tremendous growth in the past few years, especially after the Olympics in 1996. Other international tourist destination with a & # 39 Miami and he is known for his Latin culture, exciting nightlife and amazing beaches. As for accommodation, you have a number of options that Var & # 39; iruyutstsa from the cheapest to the most expensive hotels in the United States anywhere in the country.

For a relaxed atmosphere you can head to the West Coast, which covers from the state of Washington to California. Los Angeles is considered a microcosm. In Los Angeles, you get everything from rags to riches. You can visit the Orange County in the south of the country to enjoy the city to find in Huntington Beach. You also have another good option – to go to the city of California Riviera Laguna Beach, where you can admire the art through the eyes of famous scenes. L. also known Hollywood.

International Airport Montreal-Trudeau: flights from Montreal to the world

Choosing Montreal Airport is usually concentrated in the third saturated Airports Canada International Airport Montreal-Trudeau. Its name – something wrong, because the airport is not actually in the city of Montreal, but at 20 kilometers from the city of Dorval, Quebec. This is a short, 20 minute drive, which is easily accessible by car or public transport. (Learn more about these options in a minute.)

That offers Montreal Airport

First, let's look at the benefits of booking flights from Montreal airport.

· Select your destination The airport is Montréal-Trudeau – it's really international airport that serves about 130 people and a long line of airlines. This includes such giants as Delta, Air France, British Airways, United and Continental, as well as highly appreciated by regional carriers, such as Porter. It is also the main hub for Air Canada flights. Each of the three airport terminals served by different groups of passengers: domestic, connected with the United States and all other international destinations.

· convenience : More than 90 restaurants, shops and boutiques on site.

· Public ground transportation: Montreal airport service buses, taxis, trains and Limousin. It also offers a shuttle to nearby shopping and tourist centers, including Mont Tremblan, Troi-Rivieres, shudder-Foy, Quebec City and Ottawa-Gatyno.

· Car rental: Many well-known car rental companies available for travelers in Montreal, including Avis, Alamo, Budget, Hertz and Enterprise.

· hotels: City is 20 minutes away and the hotel choice is almost limitless. The nearest accommodation options include: Novotel, Comfort Inn, Hampton Inn, Marriott, Best Western and Wyndham.

Before you book a flight from Montreal airport, you need to know …

· Montréal-Trudeau may be the largest airport in the region, but it is not the only option for outgoing flights. Many Canadians choose to use one of the smaller US airports to the south; popular choices include New York, Plattsburg International Airport (Airport: PBG) International Airport Burlington (Vermont) (code: BTV). They offer shorter line, cheap parking rates and even the transaction in the US destinations. A more compact layout and smaller of & # 39; volume customers means less time spent on hold and walk from terminal to terminal.

· Code of Montreal-Trudeau International Airport – Julia Lyashkevich; its name in French – Montreal Airport.

· As one of the busiest airports in Canada expects expect a long queue, whether the visit, security or customs. Like many airports, the size of Montreal-Trudeau has its drawbacks: from the reception area of ​​hard luggage and services appear. Be patient, plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time to get to the gate. And realize that you can go long ways or for the flight of the binder, or for your initial flight. Experienced travelers know that this inconvenience is connected with the territory for large airports.

In addition, many of modernization either completed or are in the planning and construction stages. This includes extensive updates about this object & # 39 as well as the effective transfer from the Montreal city center. Montreal Airport also repeatedly praised for its purity.

So your next flight from Montreal can take you almost anywhere. And a flight to Montreal can become a gateway for travelers, regardless of whether you plan to ski on the slopes, get to the shopping area or admire the fine food and music. Before you go, be sure to check smaller regional airports; You can find many, if in most cases you will not have in mind a bonding trip. Finally, when using such a large object & # 39 as the Montreal airport, plan an additional waiting time and long walks.

Enjoy the best value hotels in New York City

Immerse yourself in the luxury hotels of New York by reviewing this guide. Money should not be wasted on substandard hotel. We understand how valuable those savings. This guide will help you get an idea of ​​what to offer the city that never sleeps. You may be business travelers or family; it does not matter, because these hotels offer outstanding benefits list that are most suitable for your needs. The first step – to determine which hotel you are planning to spend their holidays.

Some travelers prefer the Spartan way of life for her trip, which means that the bed and the bathroom will have to do. However, we encourage you to enjoy your vacation by selecting one of the hotels in New York, which offers a variety of amenities for you and your partner. These facilities are available in hotels from 3 to 5. This list will allow you to watch a quick look at the most high-quality hotels in New York City.

If you want more than just a hotel, the Millennium Un Plaza – one of the hotels in New York, which offers a unique experience. With stunning views of the skyline and the East River, this elegant European design of rooms for guests, which start from 28 th to 40 th, it gives the impression that you will never forget. Decorated with modern decor, which includes bathrooms marble stones, glass with color accents and fresh flowers, this is the best option for any traveler to New York. It offers facilities including a fitness center, indoor heated pool, and an indoor tennis court and a modern steam sauna for its guests. We also offer services for child care.

Novotel Times Square, ideally located in the heart of Midtown down Broadway, is located in the Theater District of New York. This is one of the hotels in New York, which is a few meters away from the music hall Radio City, Central Park and Rockefeller Center and other Manhattan attractions. This hotel offers childcare and maid. There is also a covered playground. Pets are also allowed. Very interesting service offered by Time Square Novotel, – a multilingual staff, serving a variety of international clients with the following languages: Chinese, Arabic, Dutch, German, French, Japanese and others.

If you want a hotel that closes the bustle of New York, the Excelsior Hotel – one of the hotels in New York, which manages to provide its guests with the highest comfort and peace. It has spacious rooms decorated in an elegant French décor. Numbers from one to two bedrooms and a queen to meet your needs. It is located in the chic neighborhood of West Side. It offers a health club, broadband internet access, full concierge service for breakfast and multimedia entertainment hall. And if you are set to explore the annals of history and human evolution, you can go out and walk along the American Museum of Natural History, which is located just a few meters away.

Amsterdam Court Hotel is located in the beautiful historic district of Midtown Theater. It offers comfort and peace of mind at an affordable price. With the newly converted Zen lobby in warm and soothing tones, high and he simply enters the list of hotels in New York City. Bath products Gilchrist and Soames toiletries, Belgian linens, comforter for restful sleep and a coffee lounge with complimentary espresso drinks, Amsterdam Court Hotel – an elegance and luxury, all of the & # 39; united under one roof. Two blocks from Rockefeller Center, this is one of the hotels in New York, which offers entertainment several yards.

Designed with a sophisticated urban atmosphere and ultra-modern decor, Paramount Hotel is the life and drama of the Theater District right before your eyes. Chic and trendy rooms are aesthetically distinctive touches such as artistic product with a gilded frame and tapered steel sinks. Restaurant "Metsanin" offers an excellent menu. You can even pull cocktails and socialize at the Paramount Lounge and Bar. It offers a fitness center, restaurant on-site services and childcare.

Honestly recommend to consult a local travel guide to learn more about the top quality hotels in New York City. We wish you an exciting trip to the Big Apple!

Cheap hotels in Bangkok, Thailand

Western tourists can come unstuck when looking for cheap hotels in Bangkok. Ideas basic standards of accommodation depends on where you come from. Hiram and Hettsi with X & # 39; Euston can expect the best of the & # 39 object than Han from Hanoi – or even Henry and Khan from Harrogate (United Kingdom). Let me guide you. To make sure of luxury western style with a stay at one of the many Western networks of acquaintances. The only problem is that they can be very expensive. And, even with a stay at Hilton or Marriott in Bangkok and you might as well be in New York, London or Cairo.

You want to stay in Bangkok, huh? The good news from the & # 39 is that in Bangkok there are a number of independent hotels that offer reasonable standards of accommodation at competitive rates, Who needs clothes? Hangers – an important part – so?

You probably will know Bangkok – the capital and main city of Thailand. Thai it is called Krung TEP Maha Nakhon (or krung Thep in short, which means "city of angels"). Bangkok has a population of over six million. The dominant religion with & # 39 is Buddhism, which is practiced by all but 5% of the population. Most of the remaining, with 39 & # are Muslims from Christians scattering. Bangkok – a chak-block with temples and gardens, and (lest we forget) a thriving sex industry. One of the advantages of Bangkok – is an exciting mixture of old Thai culture with western-style capitalism.

This is my personal selection of the best cheap hotel (Bangkok):

New Siam River

21 Soi Chanasongkram Phra-A-Thit Road, Chanasongkram, Phranakorn, Bangkok 10200.

There is a supermarket a boarding house with stunning views, situated near the river Chaophaya, near the Grand Palace. It is fully air conditioned and has a café, a decent restaurant and a large pool. As in most Thai hotels with paralonchu bed. Each room has a bedside table, cable TV and refrigerator. High-speed Wi-Fi is available in all rooms. All rooms are non-smoking ..

Be careful when booking because in New Siam Side there are two other "branches. Room prices start at 1390 baht (single). Air-conditioned room with a fan in one of the other guest houses start from just 590 baht ($ 20) .

hotel Powers

2 Soi Prachum (Silom 22), Silom Road, 10500 Bangkok

Formerly known Silom City Inn, the hotel can be found in the center of Bangkok's business center, next to each key trading center. City Force is a short walk from the main nightclubs and shopping areas, as well as Suan Lumpini Park, Bangkok railway terminal and rivers. In its 70 guest rooms, all equipped with air conditioning, personal safe, PC connection and fax built-in music system, color TV with satellite and bathroom. Advertised weekly rate starts at 1150 baht per night (about $ 40) for a single room, but we are told that you can board.


920-926 Rama4 Rd. (On going Suravonse, opposite the Red Cross), District Force, Bangrak, 10500,

Family TakeANap – family hotel, which has its fanatical supporters. There are a variety of single, double and dormitory rooms, which start at 350 baht per night ($ 12). Singles come about 1,000 baht ($ 34). Great for tourists, not so good for the business traveler or tourist Seven & # 39; ads. The 30 single and double rooms all the different sets, most of which are designed to give you a headache after too much beer! TakeANap very center, a few meters from the sky train (BTS) and metro (MRT). TakeaNap is also near nightclubs, the city center and the market. Dressing freaks should note that the rooms come favorite pieces of furniture, but with hangers and a rack. You will also be able to get a fridge,

place Sivalay

168 Soi 33 Isarafab Isarafab third on Bangkok Yai 10600 Thailand

This apartment house offers great value for anyone from the budget. Their smart studio apartments range from 1450 baht per night (less than $ 50), and double apartments are purchased only 100 baht. Wait queen sized beds and bathrooms with shower panels equipped with six massive jets. Facilities better than the average Bangkok starting from fully equipped karaoke room to tennis, restaurants, cafes and a giant swimming pool without chlorine, filtered instead of environmentally safe area & # 39; ; nehimichnaya filtration system. Then there is a sauna, a library, "good karma" and a well-equipped playroom. Palace Sivalay comes highly recommended.

It is recommended cheap hotels in Bangkok style. Have a good time and let me know if you find any other precious stones.

6 Tips for a journey that everyone should know

Several countries, thousands of flights and an endless road. This is the life of the writer-traveler, and it teaches many fair. I would like to share with you my tips on travel, as I found them very useful in every trip.

be irritable

It's time to talk to different people. The waiter, concierge, bar staff or the customer, who is sitting at the next table, looks good. Ask them questions, what to see, and you will find that people will love to share their tips and knowledge with you. Believe me, many people are nervous, but since talking randomly, and you just move next to another hidden gem.

Get up out of bed

With this most difficult struggle, especially for those who like to stay in bed a little longer than usual. It is best to get up early, because there is a lot of time before. Therefore, get out and go for a snack in Washington or dial on the best beach of Italy before to reach the hordes of tourists. Believe me, you do not regret it; As soon as you get home, you can sleep as much as necessary.

Charge your phone

There is nothing wrong, than to be without technology because of a dead battery. Keep the food bank to yourself that you never stayed battery.

Join the Cloud

This iPhone is not worth any value, and it is one main reason: the image. Memories – it's the best thing you do when traveling, and would be lost without their charm in the journey. Gone are the days when you use to store the backup manually. Apple now covers your iCloud, the cloud, and establish access to each photo and video from anywhere in the world.

Remember favorites

Remember this fantastic restaurant that you were the last time you visited New York four years ago? No? This is bad! Next time, just ask for the phone to remember that, in Google Maps, record only the place name and click "Save". This method will help mark its star, so that you can always go back and check it out.

Carry cash

From Amsterdam to Cambodia's lack of money – it is not very much. You will not find an ATM everywhere, and you can always use your debit / credit card to pay for hotels, bars and restaurants. Take along extra available amount of about $ 150 in US dollars or local currency to the destination you are visiting.

Niagara Falls – the best place for honeymoon

If you sit to write the place for a honeymoon, the Niagara Falls – the main priority of all. With relatively cheaper tickets for the return journey it is hard to miss. It is colorful, but also a place where people get more fascinated by the view of nature and its wonders.


12,000 years ago the Earth has moved to create two amazing waterfalls, this Niagara Falls. While the "American Falls" height of 180 feet and a width of one thousand and seventy-five feet – the narrowest of the two, "a horseshoe waterfall" – 170 feet high and 2200 feet wide. Both hit in its own way. Later, it also gives you the opportunity to cross the border and enjoy Canada.

Where is Niagara Falls?

About half an hour journey from New York to Niagara Falls can be reached by any means of transportation. The airport is within reach with a regular schedule of flights. Transport is available easily. You can also get a limo at cheaper prices. You can also buy a cheap train ticket service to Amtrak in Buffalo.

Going extra mile

For anyone who wants to go the extra mile and cross the border, should be mindful of a few things. Proof of citizenship – the need for entry into Canada. This can be a passport, an original or certified birth certificate, photo identification, such as driver's license. No one document is not enough. Depending on the crossing process takes about ten to twenty minutes.

You should also be prepared to answer some questions regarding the agreement on a trip, where and how long you plan to stay, etc. Passports are also needed.

Word of caution, visitors must pay a fee when you return, if they exceed the limit of personal purchases. Within 24 hours of stay of Canadian $ 50 per 48 hours and more than 200 Canadian dollars.