Five tips for finding the best hotel prices

Getting the maximum load on the road money is more important than ever, but while the 2009 might have been a year of sales in the throes of tariffs for hotels in 2010, probably, won, and will not be as inexpensive. It & # 39; because, according to a recent report on the trust Road from Travelocity, travelers & # 39; for travel plans and relationships are on the rise – and many hotels simply cease to reduce tariffs and a record low. However, great deals on hotels still there – you just need to know where – and how – to look for them. To start planning a trip, follow these simple tips:

• Go straight to the source. Many hotel companies offer the best prices for hotels – with a guarantee – those who book on its website. For example, Marriott offers a "guaranteed not to further assured attitude" – basically states that if within 24 hours after the order number you find a lower rate for the same dates, hotel and room, the company will match this rate. – and give you an additional 25 percent. (Rules and restrictions.)
• Be flexible. Every traveler knows about hotel rates in the season and on weekdays versus weekends, so be aware of those who are planning a trip. You just be able to save on some of the hottest hotels in the city, where you will once again change the date of travel.
• Financial District. If you go on the weekend, check out the hotels in the financial district of your destination. Betting on hotels in these neighborhoods are often reduced during the weekend, but also in many cities & # 39; The financial districts are relatively close to the hottest spots in the city.
• Stay in the boom cities. Over the past few years, many cities have added a lot of hotel rooms – this means that if you go, say, Las Vegas, Phoenix, or even in New York, you can find there is a better deal than you would if you went to smaller town with fewer hotel rooms.
• If you are planning a romantic getaway or traveling with someone special, many hotels only offer travel packages with unique amenities such as vouchers that you can use on spa treatments, fine dining and golf. And if you still want to take advantage of these benefits – these packages can really help you save.

New York hotels

Hotels in New York are famous for the hospitable staffs and concierge. The city is famous for its hospitality and entertainment. It would be natural to expect a first-class traveler attention and care from the staff. Therefore, to meet these expectations and requirements of the guests, both for business and leisure, hotels in New York supports quite a competitive race between them in terms of service and comfort to its guests. In order to fully enjoy their benefits and amenities necessary to pass the guides that offer details related to hotels in New York City. Here is a list of hotel reservation in New York.

If you are looking for creatively designed hotel with trendy art additions, the Chelsea Star Hotel – one of the hotels in New York City that you want to visit. It conceived the famous European artist Robert Graf. The hotel staff knows the excitement and night party, which offers New York, can be very tiring at the end of the day. Therefore, the relaxed atmosphere is provided, as soon as you enter this spacious hotel. Lie back and relax. The helpful concierge at the hotel will do what is required of them. Its ideal location in relation to Penn Station and Madison Square Garden is not only useful, but also very interesting. The hotel is important for the charm and design, promises to satisfy the most demanding group of visitors.

Kuperski trendy hotel – one of those who is ideally located hotel in New York, where in the center of Manhattan. The hotel never sleeps, known for the famous museums, music halls, clubs, art galleries and trendy shopping centers. Drive from SoHo, Union Square, Chinatown and the Lower East Side – it's just a taxi. This hotel is designed by Antonio Tsiteryo from Milan. Every piece of furniture was developed by order of Antonio. To make your stay the most lush and luxurious, each decorated with Italian bed linens. Italian glass mosaics decorate the bathrooms. This hotel offers a continental breakfast along with cocktails and martinis in the evening. You can even relax in the fitness center.

Cosmopolitan Hotel is located in the southern part Trybek built for the needs of different visitors of the city. It offers affordable accommodation for every guest. These are just a few trips on the subway from Chinatown, Financial District, Battery Park and other public buildings. Due to the recent renovations, the hotel now boasts heating in the doorway, individual climate control, ceiling fans, air conditioners and other changes. Due to the low price, this is one of the most accessible hotels in New York City. Recently renovated, Cosmopolitan Cafe – is a refuge, where you and your partner will be very excited to travel to relax over a good cup of tea.

Crosby Street Hotel – is a peaceful and quiet hotel, located on a quiet cobbled street in the heart of New York. Eleven stories, 86 rooms and suites cover an area in the lively SoHo. Complete windows and high ceilings give the hotel the air and easy breathing atmosphere. When you are done with exploring the city, the hotel warmly embraces you in a relaxed atmosphere. Modern and contemporary design, the hotel & # 39 is the idea of ​​Kit Kemp. A fully equipped gym is available for health. In the lobby for guests there is a large spacious room with 99 seats. If you are on a horror phlyctenas, just ask for it, and the film adaptation scare you. At the rear of the hotel leafy garden. Take a walk and enjoy the solitude offered.

Hotel Best Western Oritani, located just eighteen miles from Newark International Airport in Hackensack, New Jersey – is a tourist's dream. Due to the strategically ideal location, the hotel is very close to the glitz and glamor of Broadway, New York. It serves both business and leisure travelers. This hotel is ten miles from the Liberty Science Center, close to the hip sounds and shimmering Broadway. The hotel is proud to offer stylish and spacious accommodation for every traveler, so you do not feel abandoned. At the site there are dining, shopping and more.

Air India – Maharaja Indian sky

Air India – the oldest and most popular airline in India. This airline with & # 39 is part of the Government of India Air India Limited (AIL). He is ranked number 16 among the top Asian Asian companies. It is the national airline of India with a global network of passenger and cargo services.

Earlier, Air India has launched Tata Airlines in 1932, but during the Second World War, had to stop its activities. After the war, the company resumed its services in 1946 and became a public limited company under the name of Air India.

June 8, 1948 the company started international services with a weekly flight from Mumbai to London via Cairo and Geneva. According to the Law on Air corporations in 1953 the government nationalized industry and air transport was born Air India International Limited.

Major airlines nodes located at the international airport in Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport and Chatrapatsi Shivazhy in Mumbai. Airlines previously had an international unit at the International Airport of Frankfurt, but in 2010 it was closed due to a series of failures and losses, which caused the company. The company's chairman announced that he would do Indira Gandhi International Airport to its international and domestic center.

In 1960, he joined the Jet Age and acquired the first Boeing 707 420, named Le Havre Shankar and registered as VT-DJJ. The first jet service was launched in New York via London. After 2 years, she became the first jet airline in the world. The airline entered the Guinness Book of Records for the biggest evacuation carried out by civil airliner evakuiravavshy from Oman to Mumbai more than 111 000 people – a distance of 4117 km, performing 488 flights in alliance with Indian Airlines, in August and October 1990, and this operation lasted 59 days. The operation was performed at the time of the Gulf War in 1990.

Cumulative losses for Air India in the 2009-10 fiscal year amounted to Rs. 770 kroons. The airline currently employs approximately 44 destinations around the world. It also has an agreement on the sharing of code with many international airlines to increase coverage.

It provides services to the salon of the first class, business class and economy class. Some other services include luxury lounges for the passengers of the first and upper class in certain areas of ground terminals. The company carries out the sale of its free flights, known as the "Sky Bazaar". Now with the airline & # 39 are a happy partner of Star Alliance and must be connected Alliance Air and Air India Express. In 2006-2007, the airlines have started to show signs of financial crises.

Salon Maharaja offered to passengers of first and business class. Currently headquartered in Nariman point in South Mumbai, the airline moved there in 1970. The building also served as the headquarters of the Indian airlines.

10 tips for a hotel in New York

Before heading out on a tour of New York, read about the hotel, which will make your holiday unforgettable.

Library in Midtown Manhattan

The hotel has a library More & # 39; literati & # 39; what & # 39; glitterati & # 39; : More private club than a hotel. Each of the ten rooms is dedicated to one of the ten major categories of the Dewey Decimal system: the social sciences, literature, languages, history, mathematics and science, general knowledge, technology, philosophy, art and religion. Each of the sixty rooms are individually It developed from the collection of art and books As for the one distinctive topic within the floor section, which it owns. Guests can request their number depending on personal interests. The Writer, den with its skyline, poetry garden , Brilliant green house – a great place for relaxing and absorbing the culture.


Access to the video library of the hotel The American Film Institute's top 100 movies – Monday to Saturday – free wine and cheese reception. – For night players magical nights are waiting for you in the salon bookmarks at the 14th floor, which serves signature cocktails, such as the Great Gatsby and bonnet.

Sofitel New York in the borough of Manhattan

The modern 30-storey Sofitel New York, It represents the French art of living through its décor. Works of art of old Paris and New York are filled this space. Traditional French fare served in the French bras, Gaby restaurant and even the uniforms for the staff designed by the famous designer Jean-Charles de Kastelbayakam. Guests will enjoy an evening walk in the hotel facilities, which include Evian water and fresh-trimmed rose. The Living in Art Deco style It is the perfect place for downtime, as well as to view a vast collection of contemporary art which adorns the walls. The design of the hotel is surrounded by a curved awards 30-storey tower, bordered by two 20-story wings that overlook the Chrysler Building and Empire State Building.


Do not leave New York without taking inventive French cuisine with Asian influences, filed in the Art Deco style, by Gaby restaurant – gift shop Petit Bijou – a great export to the items brought from France.

Hudson Hotel in Midtown

Hotel Hudson – this is a new offer from the hotel Festival She Schrager. Say will fastest hotel on the block with sweeping views of the Hudson River. Designer Philippe Starck has created a fantasy world where impeccable design daredevil dance with technology in a perfect combination of light, sound and shape. The restaurant features an exhibition kitchen, a lobby bar and library bar with billiards, indoor and outdoor private park and a ceiling fresco by the famous painter Francesco Clemente, an area of ​​18.000 square meters of closed and open events and a business center. design was inspired by the romance of ocean travel and installation of a private cabin on an upscale yacht. Vogue magazine described the hotel as "Surreal chic, brilliantly designed and chic."

Hudson Sky Terrace is located on the 15th floor large private landscaped terrace where you can enjoy cocktails and a wide view of the city and the Hudson River – For your sleeping pleasure Hudson beds have Egyptian cotton letter with the number of 300 threads.

Dream Hotel in Midtown

Dream Hotel in New York City opened a Socialist-gatelyaram Vikkru Chatval in 2004. In the design of a copper statue of Catherine the Great, Neptune, and Madonna with the child, they are all surrounded by dissenters chairs. Theme design is best described as High fashion meets Alice in Wonderland & # 39; quirky & # 39; . This luxury playground has all the latest technology and three lounges, where everyone offers their inventions: subconscious an underground room with a maze Alkovsa, bar and lobby Epernay – bright space, designed by architect Marc Zefam and the AVA, named after movie star Ava Gardner, salon penthouse Dream Hotel, which offers cocktails and stunning views of the Time Square .


The Chopra Center, which is dedicated to Ayurveda , The ancient Indian science of treatment, which studied the founder Dypak Chopra, is under the ground. Glass elevator transports guests into the world of exclusive cherish – A holiday sublime cuisine Northern Italian cuisine awaits you in the restaurant, inspired Fellini, Serafina, designed by Rockwell Group.

60 Thompson in SoHo area

100 room luxury hotel-style hotel famous designer Thomas
O & # 39; Brien – a favorite of the fashion scene in the city center. The spectacular interior roof "members" and restaurant in Kitsichai complement the modern and luxurious sensuality of 60 Thompson. This luxury hotel is located back from the street behind a courtyard of birch trees. Features inter & # 39; career photos Laura Resen and a roof having a 360-degree view of Manhattan skyline . This hotel was selected "One of the world's hottest hotels" Traveler Conde Next and Entertainment weekly He called it "It Hotel" for entertainment elite.


Treat yourself to a posh Thai restaurant on the ground floor Kitsihay lunch courtyard and a bar of gold – Feel like a princess a wide marble bathrooms with mosaic floor tiles and philosophy.

Hotel and Tower Trump International in Manhattan area

Accommodation, location … This hotel is definitely a & # 39; is the main real estate: Located at the foot of Central Park And just across Columbus Circle from the Center of Time Warner. Opened in 1997, the modern 52-storey tower hotel was designed by renowned architects Philip Johnson and Costas Kandylisam. Today, Trump International Hotel & Tower with & # 39 is one of four on the & # 39 facilities in North America prestigious Mobil five-star rating both for the hotel and for its own restaurant, Jean Georges. With many unique innovations and free amenities, you do not doubt that you live in the world of the super rich Donald Trump. The rooms have high ceilings ten feet with floor-to-ceiling nine feet, so that guests can enjoy the diverse species of Manhattan.


6,000 square feet a health club with a 55-foot indoor pool and a SPA complex with full service – For guests, as usual, in the executive room 383 square feet with floor-to-ceiling windows opening onto Broadway and Lincoln Center. – Every guest receives personal stationery and business cards, as well as a cell phone on request.

Hotel Plaza Athénée in the borough of Manhattan

Located on the fashionable upper east side of Manhattan It brings a little bit of Europe in the great streets of New York . Hotel Plaza Athénée, which was renovated in 2003 and with the & # 39; is a member of the leading hotels of the world, without a doubt, one of the best hotels in New York City. it Boutique Hotel is a European-style With its 152 rooms, is located on a tree-lined residential street, which offers a peaceful and homely atmosphere. All rooms and suites have a French fabrics, temporary furniture, works of art, and bath rose marble and suites. Earthy tones and smoking premises return a little old world charm.


Sur & # 39; serious a shoppers paradise : Walking distance to Madison Avenue with Giorgio Armani, Louis Vuitan, Tiffany, Barney, Department Stores and Bergdorf Goodman Blumingdels – – Do not leave New York without a cocktail in the Seine and Arabella Bari, where Carrie Bradshaw sat and drank when they were shooting Sex and the city .

Hotel 70 Park Avenue in Midtown Manhattan

One of the most popular hotels in downtown New York is close to Grand Central Station, right on the famous Park Avenue. Recently, 70-year-old hotel Avenue was a wide space multi-million dollar reconstruction under the guidance of renowned residential designer Jeffrey Bilhuber, who has worked with celebrities such as David Bowie, Iman and Hubert de Zhyvanchy. The hotel is decorated in warm earth tones and rich dark woods and in the lobby lounge has a 14-foot rock of limestone and sandstone. The bright and airy 188 newly decorated guest rooms, including 6 parlors and 3 penthouse a stylish neo-classical decor and luxurious amenities.


Guests will find relaxation in the convenience of walking distance Boutiques on Fifth Avenue ; Beautiful artistic and cultural centers of the city, which includes the Museum of Modern Art, Empire State Building, the Organization About the & # 39; the United Nations, Broadway and Times Square – – 2 000 sq ft penthouse suite with balcony with stunning views from the 17th-floor perch is ideal for vigorous social events or parties.

Benjamin Midtown

Originally opened in 1927 Beverly hotel he was considered one of the most successful creations of architect Emery Roth. The hotel was purchased and restored to its original grandeur in 1999, Affinia Hospitality and named after the founder Benjamin J.. Denihana, senior. Today, this complex style hotel boutiques has magnificent marble bath, rich mahogany furniture and personally well-equipped business area that attracts both business and leisure guests. Benjamin is famous for its Mattresses to order, decorated with Frette linens and down filled duvets. This is probably the only hotel in the world, which offers a menu of ten different pillows! One quarter of the businesses on Park Avenue, near the Empire State Building, the Organization About the & # 39; United Nations, Rockefeller Center and Fifth Avenue.


One of the four Five-Globe ECOTEL , This eco-friendly hotel, the basic philosophy of the world, covering all aspects of hotel operation and guest service – The Athena Spa Affinia – a holistic impression that will change your mind, body and spirit.

SoHo Grand Hotel in SoHo area

Built in 1996 as the first hotel in SoHo in more than a century; SoHo Grand Hotel was designed by Bill Sofildam and architect David helper. This hotel is a 17-story – it a favorite of the fashion and entertainment industry . Recently, Grand Bar & Lounge, also known as "SoHo & # 39; s hall", was recently redesigned by renowned designer William Sofildam. Welcoming some guests Kevin Spacey, Spike Lee and Naomi Campbell. pets stop here . In fact, a dog offers his own toothbrush and toothpaste. only 367 rooms 16 futovyya windows, hung with velvet curtains at 900 pounds, and the ceiling is made of mirror glass, made of mercury glass, built-in chicken wire, all this will make most fantastic place on earth .


Near the chic galleries, theaters, shops and restaurants: you are sure to natknitsesya to someone famous in TriBeCa, Greenwich Village and myasakambinatary –
Speaking of the famous Gallery Gallery and Grand Bar & Lounge is the new & # 39; American kitchen as a barbecue quail with maple and cold cold crackers with chocolate bere. Welcome to America!

Jump in the spring in San Diego

For his spring average temperature of pleasant 68 ° F (20 ° C) San Diego – an ideal place to relax, and it is the second second-largest city in California. San Diego – a beautiful and natural hilly city, which gives it a completely unique look with a lot of small but beautiful types of parkland for the residents of and visitors to the city to enjoy and explore.

Take a trip on the famous Desert State Park Anza-Barega in the east region during the period from February to April. In just a few weeks of the year of the desert park filled Quetta, when the wildflowers show their natural colors.

If you like something a little more beaten, why not be in the parade St. Patrick's Day in March? This parade promises everyone a great time and offers musical entertainment, a chance to see some traditional Irish dance, eat like the Irish; See how they lived centuries ago and much more! Come and celebrate St. Patrick's Day with us, we promise you a great time!

As there are plenty of opportunities (including animals, of course), why not visit the Butterfly Jungle in the period from April to May and take a stroll around the African aviary while you enjoy thousands of unique butterflies throughout the year in a safari park in San Diego Safari Park. who call this place home. See how the animals roam the great outdoors and behave the way they are in the wild, and tickets start at $ 40, you are guaranteed a wild time again.

In early April, look Var & # 39; yatskuyu form and may simply boiling water & # 39; yat, go to the harbor Akiyansayda to start Californian pavatlantychny triathlon; where athletes start to tire swimming 1.2 miles, before you jump on the bike and pedaling incredible 56 miles through scenic parts of the Marine Corps base. As if that was not enough, fearless competitors ran 13.1 miles along the northern coast of the county, before finishing the race on the pier Akiyansayda.

It is the first problem with the highest quality for a large city. Hotels in San Diego, which caters to every budget. Prices can start from as little as $ 23 per person, per night, depending on the choice of the place and with more than 100 hotels in the city, you really will be spoiled for choice.

Greetings from New York City (7) – Brooklyn Prospect Park and Manhattan from Washington Square Park

Yesterday was our last day in New York, and our flight out & # 39; driving at 7:57 pm, so we understand that we will keep luggage in a boarding house for a few hours and go again for another round of urban research. .

Well, one of which we have not yet seen – Brooklyn (other than Coney Island which we explored on Friday). We really liked Brooklyn, formerly a sleepy suburban area, which is beautifully grown into one of the most desirable neighborhoods in New York, not in vain because of their fine architecture, multicultural shopping areas and green mature trees in many areas.

Our favorite train brought us to Prospect Park, another masterpiece of landscape designer Frederick Law Olmsteda, although this exhibit much more wild and natural than his counterpart in Central Park. Despite the fact that the day was a little cool, there were many people who were involved jogs, bikes, walks, and Prospect Park, like his great great-cousin in Manhattan, there is a large field with a lot of baseball diamonds and football fields . The action was in full swing, and we caught a live performance of a Mexican mariachi band, in front of which was a young girl who literally sang heartily.

At the north end of Prospect Park is Grand Army Plaza, where predominates massive memorial arch of the Civil War. Through the arch is Brooklyn Public Library, opened in 1941 in the style of the late Art Deco style, and now is blocked for some repairs. Near the corner is the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and monumental Brooklyn Museum of Art.

But we did not have more time to explore these areas, we have only had less than a couple of hours before we had to take the luggage to head to the airport. We went and jumped on another metro to head towards Washington Square Park, one area that I definitely wanted to see.

On this overcast and cool day was a little quiet, and the Washington Arch, compared with other monuments seemed a little diminutive. We paspytalisya in one of the cheapest meals around student at New York University and returned to the subway. However, we realized that we were on the wrong platform (for trains north), and we headed back to the subway, to re-enter in the right direction.

Guess what – our metro transit card did not allow us to go back! The display says: "We used 'and we could not go back to another input on the same metro station. I believe that the built-in mechanism to protect against two people who use the same transit map. Thus, we had to go about 20 minutes south of Prince Street and use our map underground there. Our transit pass at $ 24 was a great benefit for the last 4.5 days, and when we go back to New York, we will find another transit pass. Well, at least we could not make the same mistake again, to hold the map, and then get off at the subway station …

Just after 14:30 we took our luggage to the B & B and spent the next 2 hours and opening a new metro line (line N), we caught up to the Astoria Boulevard, where we raised the M60 bus to get to the airport Laguardyya. It took us a couple of hours, but it was great to get to the last drive in the surrounding area of ​​New York.

After a thorough search, pat, shoe inspection inspection, we finally got back to the US airlines, have returned home to Toronto and saw the last town twilight view, that never sleeps.

We'll be back …

Where to find the offers for your holiday – on search tools to compare Manual, Appendix discounts on travel and more

There are many ways to find deals on holiday these days. An ordinary man who has ever had access to tickets and discounts at hotels, are now easily view and compare many lucrative offers for business trips, vacation packages, cruises and much more. If you're wondering where to find suggestions for relaxation, you have a good start.

The only place that you want to see – is the site for comparison. These sites work with most major and budget airlines in the world, hundreds of thousands of hotels, with all car rental companies, dozens of cruise lines and so on. They provide a simple-to-use search tools. All you need to do is to enter the date that you are interested in travel, departure city, destination and number of people who travel. There are options to find tickets alone, hotel accommodation alone, car rentals alone payment for a cruise or a combination thereof. Sometimes extra savings if you collect it all at once.

If you do not have anything specific in mind, there are sections on "Daily Deals", "vacation package", "What to do", etc. … to check. You can view all current offers both domestic and international holidays.

Although this is a great way to find discounts on such popular destinations as the Caribbean, Cancun, Vegas, Paris, New York, Orlando, Hawaii, etc. … you may still be wondering where you can find offers for a holiday in places that are not from the & # 39 are "so as popular. Just enter the first few letters of the destination, and the search function will automatically prompt the name of the destination ., and the nearest airport Play with the dates – the more flexible you are, the easier it will be to find a discount.

Where else to find holiday offers

Another place to discounts on travel – newsletters and additions. Offer the latest deals directly to your inbox or smartphone is already in the moment when they emerge. Some applications allow you to specify your budget and destinations that interest you. There mailing on general tourist offer, and some of which are designed to travel on a specialty, such as cruises to the Caribbean and Maui.

Also there are sites for trades that allow you to make trades on hotel rooms and airfare. However, you need to be particularly savvy, and this strategy is not for everyone.

Now you know where to find the offers for your holiday, make sure to use a reliable service that serves a customer service, regardless of the search and select the comparison option, mailing services, application, etc. Also, use promo codes and other special offers to lower the price even more.

Get all the necessary features to save online. This is by far the best place to search, find and compare the rates of travel. You can also order directly through websites or applications. Where you can find deals on holiday and business travel services available. Be sure to use online coupons when booking the trip.

Business travel – luxury or necessity?

Rachel Maarten with & # 39; is a partner of a leading consulting firm. It currently holds zhangling two important international consulting projects: one with a client who is in Basel, Switzerland, and the second with a client in Tokyo, Japan. It is expected that these projects will continue in the next few months and will require from her departure from his base in New York for a few weeks. Rachel, unlike many of the other travelers in the business bloom on long journeys to distant destinations, the more that go into a plush booth leading aircraft Business Class.

Arun Soni served as vice president in the IT department of an investment bank in New York; recently he was assigned QA department, which is in the branch of the bank in London. This role requires him to travel to London every month, because it is in the process of building his team for quality control. While Arun hates to travel, he believes that it is important to make monthly trips to the London office for him, especially if he has a role via the remote control can not be effectively performed. Besides, these trips are patiently to the fact that the separation of travel bank appointed him to fly business class for these transatlantic journeys.

And Rachel and Arun believe that business travel is essential for the successful execution of their role, as they say, in spite of the recent advances in technology and video conferencing, there is no way to replace the meeting in person, especially in situations of communication with foreign clients. or off-site supervision. These exit meetings with the conventions and incentive travel necessary for the successful conduct of modern business.

However, many companies in uncertain times the current global economic downturn completely abandon trips or if a business trip is considered absolutely essential, they convince their leaders to fly in the cabin cars, even on long flights lasting more than eight hours, trying to manage costs. Rachel says that if it is forced to fly in training on his chatyrnatstsatsigadinnym flight from JFK to Narita, it will not work if the land in Japan. Currently, the only way to deal with jet lag – it's sleep for the whole trip on a flat bed that it provides a business-class flight.

Traveling on business – it is a necessary tool of trade, which not only helps companies, but also helps the various branches of the travel industry, such as airlines and hotels. In fact, airlines are highly dependent on the travel business class.

Cheap thrills in Las Vegas

Many condemned the lack of affordable alternatives to the current spending on the "new" Las Vegas. Vegas was a town of cheap rooms, inexpensive food and free entertainment. But all this changed since the sixties, when they realized that they could take the talent in the salons, to build an indoor theater, put the cast and start earning at the reception. Gradually, the city moved to the corporate oasis, which is believed beans, and delusions of self-destructed, and the things that were free and cheap, disappeared. Of course now Strip land worth $ 40 million per acre, and greed flow down costs.

Regardless, here's a great way to spend a day at least $ 10 for two.

Find your way to the new Palazzo Hotel and admire the beautiful granite-marble accessories, a two-story waterfall, as well as a beautiful work of art and design, which is marked by the CEO and founder Sheldon Adelsan as he built a building neighboring the Venetian Hotel. Casino. Palazzo Hotel is directly connected to the channels in the Venice store, and you can easily access to any property. The only thing that you notice about the Palazzo, which is different from most casino areas, is a wide open floor plan with more than enough room to move and very good ventilation system. As the stench of cigarette smoke can not be completely eliminated, it improves all the other gambling joints.

You never know that you are going to see on any given day. On the day when we were there, we continued to face a dozen gorgeous contestants at the Miss USA contest, when they made purchases and simultaneously filmed and conducted port security guards. Directly above the floor of the Palazzo casino "Table 10" Emerliya Lagos, high-end jewelry stores and accessory boutiques, Double Helix bar were open for business, but all the other stores are under construction. Smooth Jazz walked through the area where the pianist and bassist played, despite the neighborhood. Moving on, my wife and I arrived in New York, Barney, so she could look at $ 8,000 dresses and shoes in 1200 dollars. Sellers seem grateful for any traffic, because on this day there were a few buyers. Then we went up the escalator to the Canal shops. We stopped at Godiva chocolate products and shared a delicious chocolate with peanut butter in the amount of four dollars, but the skies in a small snack. Passing through a replica of St. Mark's Square, a crowd gathered around a living statue, dressed in pure white color, and people posed with him, taking pictures and leaving generous tips. In the photographic gallery of Peter Lika we spent time looking at his beautiful images, finding many places that we ourselves have been in these big beautiful upheavals.

We passed many shops and, of course, watched as the gondolas pass by and stop to send the bun cappuccino and banana. We sat and watched the people as the ultra rich, beauty queens, and ordinary people are scurrying around, all on their own solitary quests. The shops here are quite diverse: from Venetian glass and ceramics to high-end lingerie, magic shops and modern art to gowns and denim. All of the above and the little that we have spent a little less than $ 10, and even had to spend an interesting and fun day. Thus, you see that there can be a cheap date, and having lived here for almost 15 years, still never ceases to amaze how this city is really incredible.


Who like to relax? Of course, they include about 99 percent of the population. 1 percent are likely to be workaholics who just do not like to take work with them on vacation. And no matter who you are, perhaps you like to make a deal on the trip.

Transactions on the journey can proceed from the actual aircraft flight, hotel discounts, savings on car rental, cruise packages, and you can get deals on travel in the tourist guides.

What are the most popular travel deals? The most popular deals are traveling

1] The working day at the last minute or last minute escapes to save the holiday weekend. You can save up to 70 percent of these last-minute holiday in the holiday weekend. Usually these proposals suggested include both flights and savings in hotels. Many times the deal on travel come with flexible departure dates from Thursday to Saturday. Of course, the package deals with the journey ends within a limited period of time, usually only on weekends.

2] Compare and save on tariff. Now you can see if you are getting a good deal on the trip. Many websites offer a possibility to compare and save on airline tickets, and other flight services. For example, you can compare and save on airfare on Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. Often you can get a last-minute deals on travel packages with the last of 199 dollars US dollars.

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