Cheap thrills in Las Vegas

Many condemned the lack of affordable alternatives to the current spending on the "new" Las Vegas. Vegas was a town of cheap rooms, inexpensive food and free entertainment. But all this changed since the sixties, when they realized that they could take the talent in the salons, to build an indoor theater, put the cast and start earning at the reception. Gradually, the city moved to the corporate oasis, which is believed beans, and delusions of self-destructed, and the things that were free and cheap, disappeared. Of course now Strip land worth $ 40 million per acre, and greed flow down costs.

Regardless, here's a great way to spend a day at least $ 10 for two.

Find your way to the new Palazzo Hotel and admire the beautiful granite-marble accessories, a two-story waterfall, as well as a beautiful work of art and design, which is marked by the CEO and founder Sheldon Adelsan as he built a building neighboring the Venetian Hotel. Casino. Palazzo Hotel is directly connected to the channels in the Venice store, and you can easily access to any property. The only thing that you notice about the Palazzo, which is different from most casino areas, is a wide open floor plan with more than enough room to move and very good ventilation system. As the stench of cigarette smoke can not be completely eliminated, it improves all the other gambling joints.

You never know that you are going to see on any given day. On the day when we were there, we continued to face a dozen gorgeous contestants at the Miss USA contest, when they made purchases and simultaneously filmed and conducted port security guards. Directly above the floor of the Palazzo casino "Table 10" Emerliya Lagos, high-end jewelry stores and accessory boutiques, Double Helix bar were open for business, but all the other stores are under construction. Smooth Jazz walked through the area where the pianist and bassist played, despite the neighborhood. Moving on, my wife and I arrived in New York, Barney, so she could look at $ 8,000 dresses and shoes in 1200 dollars. Sellers seem grateful for any traffic, because on this day there were a few buyers. Then we went up the escalator to the Canal shops. We stopped at Godiva chocolate products and shared a delicious chocolate with peanut butter in the amount of four dollars, but the skies in a small snack. Passing through a replica of St. Mark's Square, a crowd gathered around a living statue, dressed in pure white color, and people posed with him, taking pictures and leaving generous tips. In the photographic gallery of Peter Lika we spent time looking at his beautiful images, finding many places that we ourselves have been in these big beautiful upheavals.

We passed many shops and, of course, watched as the gondolas pass by and stop to send the bun cappuccino and banana. We sat and watched the people as the ultra rich, beauty queens, and ordinary people are scurrying around, all on their own solitary quests. The shops here are quite diverse: from Venetian glass and ceramics to high-end lingerie, magic shops and modern art to gowns and denim. All of the above and the little that we have spent a little less than $ 10, and even had to spend an interesting and fun day. Thus, you see that there can be a cheap date, and having lived here for almost 15 years, still never ceases to amaze how this city is really incredible.