Business travel – luxury or necessity?

Rachel Maarten with & # 39; is a partner of a leading consulting firm. It currently holds zhangling two important international consulting projects: one with a client who is in Basel, Switzerland, and the second with a client in Tokyo, Japan. It is expected that these projects will continue in the next few months and will require from her departure from his base in New York for a few weeks. Rachel, unlike many of the other travelers in the business bloom on long journeys to distant destinations, the more that go into a plush booth leading aircraft Business Class.

Arun Soni served as vice president in the IT department of an investment bank in New York; recently he was assigned QA department, which is in the branch of the bank in London. This role requires him to travel to London every month, because it is in the process of building his team for quality control. While Arun hates to travel, he believes that it is important to make monthly trips to the London office for him, especially if he has a role via the remote control can not be effectively performed. Besides, these trips are patiently to the fact that the separation of travel bank appointed him to fly business class for these transatlantic journeys.

And Rachel and Arun believe that business travel is essential for the successful execution of their role, as they say, in spite of the recent advances in technology and video conferencing, there is no way to replace the meeting in person, especially in situations of communication with foreign clients. or off-site supervision. These exit meetings with the conventions and incentive travel necessary for the successful conduct of modern business.

However, many companies in uncertain times the current global economic downturn completely abandon trips or if a business trip is considered absolutely essential, they convince their leaders to fly in the cabin cars, even on long flights lasting more than eight hours, trying to manage costs. Rachel says that if it is forced to fly in training on his chatyrnatstsatsigadinnym flight from JFK to Narita, it will not work if the land in Japan. Currently, the only way to deal with jet lag – it's sleep for the whole trip on a flat bed that it provides a business-class flight.

Traveling on business – it is a necessary tool of trade, which not only helps companies, but also helps the various branches of the travel industry, such as airlines and hotels. In fact, airlines are highly dependent on the travel business class.