Greetings from New York City (7) – Brooklyn Prospect Park and Manhattan from Washington Square Park

Yesterday was our last day in New York, and our flight out & # 39; driving at 7:57 pm, so we understand that we will keep luggage in a boarding house for a few hours and go again for another round of urban research. .

Well, one of which we have not yet seen – Brooklyn (other than Coney Island which we explored on Friday). We really liked Brooklyn, formerly a sleepy suburban area, which is beautifully grown into one of the most desirable neighborhoods in New York, not in vain because of their fine architecture, multicultural shopping areas and green mature trees in many areas.

Our favorite train brought us to Prospect Park, another masterpiece of landscape designer Frederick Law Olmsteda, although this exhibit much more wild and natural than his counterpart in Central Park. Despite the fact that the day was a little cool, there were many people who were involved jogs, bikes, walks, and Prospect Park, like his great great-cousin in Manhattan, there is a large field with a lot of baseball diamonds and football fields . The action was in full swing, and we caught a live performance of a Mexican mariachi band, in front of which was a young girl who literally sang heartily.

At the north end of Prospect Park is Grand Army Plaza, where predominates massive memorial arch of the Civil War. Through the arch is Brooklyn Public Library, opened in 1941 in the style of the late Art Deco style, and now is blocked for some repairs. Near the corner is the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and monumental Brooklyn Museum of Art.

But we did not have more time to explore these areas, we have only had less than a couple of hours before we had to take the luggage to head to the airport. We went and jumped on another metro to head towards Washington Square Park, one area that I definitely wanted to see.

On this overcast and cool day was a little quiet, and the Washington Arch, compared with other monuments seemed a little diminutive. We paspytalisya in one of the cheapest meals around student at New York University and returned to the subway. However, we realized that we were on the wrong platform (for trains north), and we headed back to the subway, to re-enter in the right direction.

Guess what – our metro transit card did not allow us to go back! The display says: "We used 'and we could not go back to another input on the same metro station. I believe that the built-in mechanism to protect against two people who use the same transit map. Thus, we had to go about 20 minutes south of Prince Street and use our map underground there. Our transit pass at $ 24 was a great benefit for the last 4.5 days, and when we go back to New York, we will find another transit pass. Well, at least we could not make the same mistake again, to hold the map, and then get off at the subway station …

Just after 14:30 we took our luggage to the B & B and spent the next 2 hours and opening a new metro line (line N), we caught up to the Astoria Boulevard, where we raised the M60 bus to get to the airport Laguardyya. It took us a couple of hours, but it was great to get to the last drive in the surrounding area of ​​New York.

After a thorough search, pat, shoe inspection inspection, we finally got back to the US airlines, have returned home to Toronto and saw the last town twilight view, that never sleeps.

We'll be back …