International Airport Montreal-Trudeau: flights from Montreal to the world


Choosing Montreal Airport is usually concentrated in the third saturated Airports Canada International Airport Montreal-Trudeau. Its name – something wrong, because the airport is not actually in the city of Montreal, but at 20 kilometers from the city of Dorval, Quebec. This is a short, 20 minute drive, which is easily accessible by car or public transport. (Learn more about these options in a minute.)

That offers Montreal Airport

First, let's look at the benefits of booking flights from Montreal airport.

· Select your destination The airport is Montréal-Trudeau – it's really international airport that serves about 130 people and a long line of airlines. This includes such giants as Delta, Air France, British Airways, United and Continental, as well as highly appreciated by regional carriers, such as Porter. It is also the main hub for Air Canada flights. Each of the three airport terminals served by different groups of passengers: domestic, connected with the United States and all other international destinations.

· convenience : More than 90 restaurants, shops and boutiques on site.

· Public ground transportation: Montreal airport service buses, taxis, trains and Limousin. It also offers a shuttle to nearby shopping and tourist centers, including Mont Tremblan, Troi-Rivieres, shudder-Foy, Quebec City and Ottawa-Gatyno.

· Car rental: Many well-known car rental companies available for travelers in Montreal, including Avis, Alamo, Budget, Hertz and Enterprise.

· hotels: City is 20 minutes away and the hotel choice is almost limitless. The nearest accommodation options include: Novotel, Comfort Inn, Hampton Inn, Marriott, Best Western and Wyndham.

Before you book a flight from Montreal airport, you need to know …

· Montréal-Trudeau may be the largest airport in the region, but it is not the only option for outgoing flights. Many Canadians choose to use one of the smaller US airports to the south; popular choices include New York, Plattsburg International Airport (Airport: PBG) International Airport Burlington (Vermont) (code: BTV). They offer shorter line, cheap parking rates and even the transaction in the US destinations. A more compact layout and smaller of & # 39; volume customers means less time spent on hold and walk from terminal to terminal.

· Code of Montreal-Trudeau International Airport – Julia Lyashkevich; its name in French – Montreal Airport.

· As one of the busiest airports in Canada expects expect a long queue, whether the visit, security or customs. Like many airports, the size of Montreal-Trudeau has its drawbacks: from the reception area of ​​hard luggage and services appear. Be patient, plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time to get to the gate. And realize that you can go long ways or for the flight of the binder, or for your initial flight. Experienced travelers know that this inconvenience is connected with the territory for large airports.

In addition, many of modernization either completed or are in the planning and construction stages. This includes extensive updates about this object & # 39 as well as the effective transfer from the Montreal city center. Montreal Airport also repeatedly praised for its purity.

So your next flight from Montreal can take you almost anywhere. And a flight to Montreal can become a gateway for travelers, regardless of whether you plan to ski on the slopes, get to the shopping area or admire the fine food and music. Before you go, be sure to check smaller regional airports; You can find many, if in most cases you will not have in mind a bonding trip. Finally, when using such a large object & # 39 as the Montreal airport, plan an additional waiting time and long walks.