The world of skin care in the palm

Naturally? Organic? Rich in antioxidants? Cheap and fun? With so many products for skin care and a lot of factors that need to be taken into account, the country of origin is not normally included in the list. However, once you start looking, it can cause anxiety admiration. What kind of home cosmetics slyunuyuts readers of Italian Vogue? And that actually need to be a Greek goddess?

United States

With a focus on the La La Land rate aging beauty of women in North America are still ahead of the league. Along with peraborchykami Avon and Elizabeth Arden, the new domestic brands such as celebrity favorite Kate Somerville and Sonya Dakar have become household names. Thanks to a solid resolution Oprah, Hope in Jar of philosophy raised the status of the brand and the Bliss products – mandatory conditions for those who can not afford the price of a person cha-ching. New York spa … and even for those who can. Especially Triple instantaneous energetic oxygen mask; Steep Clean as a & # 39 is a favorite.


With such intense exposure to the sun wrinkles with & # 39 are the main problem for the Australians. At the top of the scale, Rebecca Körner has continued the family business of anti-aging dermatology, for the first time the first time you had a grandmother of Austria-Hungary in the early 1900s. The result was an underground brand that has for some time draws savvy beauties beauty. It is packed with antioxidants-killers, Körner uploaded: Anti-Ager – this cat's pajamas of skin anti-aging. Completely natural Jurlique forms of skin problems range of solutions with organic and biodynamic ingredients, including preservatives. Gel recovery, in particular, has earned cult status among beauty junkies. Activists of animal cruelty may not approve, but Golden Emu Oil has recently been recognized as one of the ilyuzivnyh multitasking cosmetic products, for which neither the woman nor the man metraseksualny should not be overlooked. Included with the necessary amegasami 3,6 and 9, it is both anti-aging and moisturizing body beautiful, which soothes tired and aching muscles. Demi Moore swears. Of course, the preservation of the sun with a & # 39 is a top priority, and all-natural brand SPF Invisible Zinc is gaining prominence to its range of clear and tinted moisturizer for face and body. Presumably, Al Macpherson, who lived up the company, as expected, did not stop to their success. Several coordinates ended in New Zealand, along with Manuka Honey and Flight Congress, the natives also justly proud of the trilogy. These all natural skin products smell vitamins and essential fatty acids as well, which smell so good that you can almost taste fresh mountain air, which flows into each jar.


Given their penchant for perfection (here we call the OCD, there are fine), not for nothing that the Japanese love of beauty functionality. Just as cute, kitchen designs, which have penetrated into the divisions across the country, more luxury Japanese brands of skin care products are starting to make waves in the West. Impeccable vision Cate Blanchett firmly set on SK-II beauty map. The focus of the lesser-known forms of yeast rich in vitamins – Pitera – SK-II skin care treats as a ritual signifying the best visualization of the skin, as is rubbed in some specific anti-aging ingredients. Her face mask for the treatment of very popular for lightening and rejuvenation. Shiseido has the look east Klaryna – clean lines, but not overly clinical. Men's assortment is very popular, especially facial scrubs and moisturisers – uber-masculine scent and branding, but effective solution for wrinkles and tired eyes are also starting to take care of men. Intended for mature women, Suqqu – this is one of the fastest growing cosmetic lines in Japan. My favorite behind the scenes, a leading make-up artists Mary Grynvel swears his lip cream lip that creates a wonderfully photogenic lips.


Youthful olive sheen of Mediterranean skin – is the holy grail for many skin color pale English rose; but a lot of self-satisfied – especially the Greeks, who recently stormed forward with promises of beauty, based on the symbiosis of science and nature. In Greece, the original Pomegranate with antioxidants from the & # 39 is a key component of the natural brand Korres Natural Products. Korres prop up their products for body, hair and skin on the homeopathic herbal combinations. The brand, which is contained in almost every farmamekii means natural, but decadent cosmetics for everyone. Body Oil in figs and yogurt beautifully rich, while the male cream borage Omega-cream helps to give the perfect close shave. Last's favorite UK Radial also a great power of pomegranate. The founder of "Rodyyal" Maria Hatsistefanis seems to be no physiological disadvantages, but perhaps also because in its portfolio were affected by adversity: summing up the abdomen, straight mark eraser Glamtox (bottled alternative to Botox), each one in pretty much does what it says on the tin. for galamura balm became a major staple food for everything from chopped lips and dehydration during the flight to eczema and skin tightening.


Founded in 1221, Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella – this is one of the oldest apothecaries the world and still have the device in Florence. Known for its luxurious fragrances, soaps and candles, personal water and humidifiers for SMN & # 39 faces; s added to the night of glamor and night. Zhorzhyo Armani basically synonyms for deliberate fashion and fragrances and exquisite makeup, but it ranges Crema Nera and Skin Minerals made it a full-fledged player in the arena of skin care products – for both sexes. Economic point Duty Free for years consist of exacting compositions Pupa Milano, but the company is trying to expand its scope of a new line of skin care products Milk Therapy, which is rich in dairy probiotics and other useful skin renewal. nutrients. With branding ladybug cartoons they did not look very adult, but the nephews can thank them. While Borghese may be located in New York, his heart and soul firmly established in the 14th century Tuscany, volcanic hills which gave rise to the tradition of spa use saline water. Borghese famous mineral-rich exfoliating and restorative clay mask Fang. They really bring the toxins, although it is best to deny himself a few days before an important event!


The Nordic countries may not be sufficient for the aging of the skin over most of the year, but severe frosts bring its own problems – namely the dry and fragile skin. In particular, Iceland came first in the field of cosmetics to overcome their citizens & # 39; Special skin disease and, fortunately, a growing number of which hit our shores. The famous Dr. Braga – biochemist, prone to sea life that cause the age of the firmness, and his range includes highly concentrated amounts of the patented formula of enzymes, heal scars and wrinkles – & # 39; penzima & # 39; Ter Icelandic – long a favorite for sensitive souls. Rich Iceland's soothing Yarrow and other healing herbs, restore & replenish and gentle contour eye cream rarely disappoints. Gwyneth Paltrow – a supporter of Moa The Green Balm, another multi-tasking saving dry skin. According to legend, the founder Thury Micah Gudmundsdotyr used the balm to heal his son from third-degree burns when doctors gave up hope for a real recovery. Wonder formula again come to the milfoil, as well as tea tree oil, and a mini-version – the perfect size for emergencies on the road.


France has long been a & # 39 is synonymous with breathtaking beauty and fabulously sophisticated aging. With delight elegant frankaaztsy seek to maintain their sculptural visa, avoiding the surgeon's knife. Rumor has it that they are based on the massage rollers, such as Yurol, as well as their favorite skin products. Ginot, Yves Rosher, Dekleor, Givenchy, Guerlain, Chanel, Sisley … not to mention Chanel and Klaryns – list of upscale Parisian brands of the huge and at the upper echelons of skin care is still vastly superior. While these brands want to turn to your mother (hence the resistance to update them & # 39; & # 39 classic – read: date – appearances), younger generations also hope for them. Neither girl party should not have to give up Guerlain Issima Midnight Secret, and Flash Balm Beauty Clarins has quickly become a reliable picket for the young, he stressed complexion. Cool new kids in the block include Doux Me, which is as soft as it sounds. Based beautiful Caroline Wachsmuth, it is 100% natural and organic skin care and blends essential oils such as rose and neroli. Caroline with leather backing anti-aging skin, Crème Caroline, smells children walk through the woods.

United Kingdom

Those interested in air kilometers, and the like, do not … an increasing number of prominent brands arises here. Sophyto – this is the only line of organic Soil Association, which operates in accordance with the specific needs of your skin, which makes it ideal for all ages. Monodose Polyphenol Drops are made from specially bred Hartfordshyra apples, which fight toxic free radicals. REN – another vintage developed brand. Wash Moroccan Rose Otto Body directed to the sky, while the Omega 3 Overnight Lipid Renewal Serum is guaranteed to improve any type of skin. Sienna Miller has helped put the beloved 200-year-old Butler ointment on the skin Pommade Divine firmly back to beauty editors & # 39; Radar. Its warming clove smell amazing home, and apparently saved the star from bruises hell.